Fire and gas detection system for the Tyra platform complexes

Fire and safety

Fire and safety


Bo Løhndorf, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Bo Løhndorf

Electrical controller, Senior Chief Consultant
T: +45 5161 7209

For all modification projects reducing shutdown time to an absolute minimum without compromising safety is vital.

At the installation of a new fire and gas system (F&G) for Maersk Oil on the Tyra platform complexes in the Danish sector of the North Sea, minimising shutdown time was especially pertinent as this facility is responsible for handling the main part of production of natural gas to Denmark.

Smooth changeover of systems

Ramboll Oil & Gas has worked closely together with the Maersk project team preparing the detailed design, and our team of engineers was able to provide procedures for a smooth changeover to the new system by replacing one signal at a time while both F&G systems were in operation in parallel mode.

Safeguarding people and equipment

The new F&G system is based on a simple operation design philosophy. The centrally located action panel features an easy to understand cross-sectional view of the platform with alarm for each module that will be activated in case of an emergency. The improved human-machine interface will ensure a much faster response time and better overview and thus help safeguard the people and assets on Tyra's two facilities.


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