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Lars Wahl Andersen, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Lars Wahl Andersen

M.Sc., Structural and Hydrodynamic eng., Principal Consultant, Process, Risk & Safety
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Safety is the first priority

Safety of personnel and protection of costly assets are of overriding concern on all processing plants whether they be FPSOs or traditional platform structures.

As a consequence rigid and comprehensive demands have been placed on hazard management. Ramboll's risk and safety philosophy is based on the belief that all accidents can be avoided if the proper procedures are available and carefully followed.

Risk and safety study experience

Ramboll Oil & Gas has carried out risk and safety studies on several FPSO projects such as Vincent and Peregrino for Maersk FPSOs. Ramboll's scope of work (SOW) on these vessels included studies on hazard identification, layout review, fire and explosion analysis, plume dispersion, evacuation and rescue, marine and mechanical risk analysis and health risk assessment. Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was used for modelling and simulations. On the Peregrino we also provided front-end studies.


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