Safety documentation for Maersk ultra deepwater drillship


Núria Muro-Suné

Núria Muro-Suné

Head of Department, Process, Risk & Safety
T: +45 5161 8437
Lars Wahl Andersen, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Lars Wahl Andersen

M.Sc., Structural and Hydrodynamic eng., Principal Consultant, Process, Risk & Safety
T: +45 5161 6584

Ramboll assisted Maersk Drilling with supervision and facilitating the development of safety documentation for a newly built deepwater drillship. It is Maersk Drilling's first drillship in a future ultra deepwater fleet, which will operate at extreme depths and offer outstanding solutions both regarding safety and efficiency. 

Ramboll’s assistance to Maersk Drilling on the drill ship project included:

  • Supervision of work made by third party
  • Facilitation of the development of the design safety documentation
  • Organization of information meetings between the parties
  • Writing of minutes of meeting
  • Reporting progress to the Maersk Drillings organization
  • Optimize the information flow between the parties

The design safety documentation for the new built ultra deepwater drillship consists of:

  • Bow ties for MAH scenarios
  • FEBRA (Fire, Explosion and Blowout Risk Analysis)
  • MMHA (Marine and Mechanical Hazard Analysis)
  • TRIA (Temporary Refuge Integrity Analysis)
  • EERA (Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Analysis)
  • ESASA (Emergency System Availability and Survivability Analysis)
  • Development of performance standards for identified safety critical elements

Maersk Drilling supports global oil and gas production by providing high-efficiency drilling services to oil companies around the world. Maersk Drilling is a business leader in advanced engineering. The in-house engineering department heads the design of new rigs and also modifies existing rigs.



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