Risk analysis at Nybro gas treatment plant


Lars Wahl Andersen, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Lars Wahl Andersen

M.Sc., Structural and Hydrodynamic eng., Principal Consultant, Process, Risk & Safety
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Núria Muro-Suné

Núria Muro-Suné

Head of Department, Process, Risk & Safety
T: +45 5161 8437

Ramboll Oil & Gas has provided a number of services for the Nybro gas treatment plant in Denmark, where natural gas from the South Arne and Tyra fields is purified and dried, and sulphur is removed, when necessary.

In 2005 Ramboll conducted a major risk analysis assessment for the Nybro gas treatment plant.

Eliminating risks

In accordance with the assessment, Ramboll recommended a number of risk-eliminating measures such as the establishment of an automatic emergency shutdown system to take immediate effect in case of a fire or gas leakage. Ramboll Oil & Gas was also rewarded the re-design of the system's infrastructure and oversaw the onsite execution.


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