Remediation studies for Brent gravity based structures (GBS)


Søren Knudsen

MSc, Chemistry, Project Manager
T: +45 5161 8961

Ramboll's Department for Environmental Assessment has conducted a study of remediation options for the two gravity-based structures (GBS) containing oil storage cells in the 30-year-old Brent field 185 kilometres off Shetland.

Assessing different decommissioning options

The Brent field is approaching end of cessation and plans for decommissioning of the platforms has started. Our customer is therefore conducting several studies on different aspects of the coming decommissioning of the Brent platforms.

Ramboll performs a study on remediation methods towards the material left in the storage cells. The methods being thoroughly investigated are:

  • Bio-remediation including monitored natural attenuation (MNA)
  • In-situ capping
  • Physical removal

Ramboll evaluated the different remediation methods and ways of accessing the GBS storage cells. Once the study was complete, we delivered an overview of the most environmentally sound and realistic methods for Shell to focus on for further assessment.


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