Unmanned wellhead platforms for Valhall Flank development

Valhall South Flank unmanned wellhead platform

Valhall South Flank unmanned wellhead platform


Dag A. Nilsen, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Dag A. Nilsen

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Services we provided

As part of the development of the Valhall field, BP commissioned Ramboll and alliance partners Heerema Tønsberg and IV Oil & Gas to engineer, construct and install two unmanned wellhead platforms at Valhall Flank.

Developing the Valhall field

Valhall is a giant oil field in the southern part of the Norwegian North Sea. The field was discovered in 1975 with production starting in 1982. BP operates the field, which originally consisted of three facilities. With the intention to further develop the field, BP in 2001 awarded an EPCI (engineering, procurement, construction and installation) contract for construction of two, minimum-facility platforms to Heerema Tønsberg and alliance partners.

Ramboll carried out detailed engineering

Heerema Tønsberg had entered into an alliance with Ramboll (then Future Engineering) and IV Oil & Gas to execute the project. Ramboll’s scope of work on the minimum-facility platforms for Valhall Flank comprised:
  • Multidisciplinary detailed engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction and commissioning support

The Valhall Flank platforms

The Valhall Flank platforms are two identical platforms each equipped with 16 drilling slots and located about 6 km (3 mi) - one to the North and one to the South - from the existing Valhall facilities where well streams are processed. The South Flank started production 8th May 2003. While the North Flank came on stream 7th January 2004.



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