Three hospitals to work as one

Eskilstuna Hospital. Illustration: Carlstedt Arkitekter

Eskilstuna Hospital. Illustration: Carlstedt Arkitekter


Stefan Andersson

Project Manager
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Michael Gustavsson

Global Director Hospitals
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Sörmland to upgrade their healthcare facilities.   Extensions and refurbishment of the hospitals in the cities of Eskilstuna, Nyköping and Katrineholm in Sweden. 

The citizens of Sörmland will after completion of three hospitals have access to modern and effective healthcare facilities. The requirements for future healthcare facilities have evolved rapidly the latter years, due to the disruptive development of medical equipment and modern healthcare methodology. 

The council of Landstinget Sömland (region of Sormland) has approved the investment needed for modernization of their three existing local hospitals located in the cities of Eskilstuna, Nyköping and Katrineholm. The buildings on the current sites are all originally constructed in the 1920´s to 1970´s and some parts are obsolete and can’t cater for the delivery of modern healthcare services. The new facilities will bring many benefits such both aesthetical but also technical such as minimized contamination risks, high tech equipment solutions, etc. 

In total the project (all 3 hospitals together) includes 4 new buildings with a size of approximately 70 000 m2 and also approximately 30 000 m2 of refurbishments. In addition approximately 25 000 m2 existing buildings will be demolished; without affecting the ongoing hospital daily operation. 

The project includes 22 operating theatres, 3 MRI´s, 2 sterilization departments, 2 emergency care units, 2 intensive care and 2 delivery departments, and many other specialist departments. Totally there will be appr. 280 examination and ward rooms, a majority of them single bed rooms. 

In the project there are many challenges; a limited investment budget that cannot be exceeded, a tight completion schedule, high demands on sustainability and energy efficiency, a combination of new buildings and refurbishment, all 3 hospital’s in full operation throughout the construction. 

Ramboll is in general a well-known and well respected hospital design and engineering company in Sweden. Ramboll was selected by NCC by experience, references and a strong project organization. In addition the NCC selection of Ramboll was approved by the end client. We also have local knowledge of all three existing hospitals.



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