Norra Länken

Reducing traffic problems in Stockholm

Norra länken will solve a difficult traffic situation, create economic growth and result in a better environment for the people of Stockholm, Sweden. Together with Södra länken and Essingeleden, the Norra länken will almost complete the orbital road around the city and lead most traffic around the city centre. As a result, the air quality in the city will be greatly improved as well as reducing CO2 emissions from cars that would otherwise be caught in traffic. Furthermore, the new road will improve the link with Värthamnen and Frihamnen, the most important Swedish ports for freight and passenger ships travelling to the Baltic states, Finland and Russia.

Providing technical expertise

Ramboll is designing two out of the five parts of Norra länken. The project incorporates several technical areas of expertise such as road and traffic, geotechnical engineering, water and drainage systems, structural engineering, landscape planning and architecture. We also took part in developing a technical solution for the construction of a tunnel beneath the national park at Wennergrens Center.


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