Alakati mixed-use development masterplan

Image ESA Architects - Alakati sustainable masterplan, Nicosia

Image ESA Architects - Alakati sustainable masterplan, Nicosia


Guy Collingwood. Ramboll

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Sparsely populated suburbs southwest of Nicosia are being redeveloped to provide a high-quality commercial, residential and retail district for Cyprus’s capital city. The developer's ambitions represent new goals locally for sustainable planning and operation. Ramboll UK joined the multi-disciplinary masterplanning team to advise on overall feasibility and on infrastructure and utilities in particular, with special emphasis on sustainable water supply, management, treatment and recycling.

The development occupies a 17 hectare site, currently consisting of sub-arable land and largely disused buildings. Orange and lemon orchards occupying the site are to be retained, relocated to areas of water-rich parkland that are integral to the new plans.

Our infrastructure and masterplanning specialists liaised closely with the Cypriot authorities involved, organising workshops and joint meetings to ensure that the local approval processes were met — or can be met — in full by our client's plans. Our brief included public and private road design, distribution of power and telecommunications, an energy strategy, fire strategies and the management of water supply and drainage. Based on the masterplan, we developed strategies to integrate the development into the local road and utilities infrastructure, as well as ensuring internal feasibility.

Engineering a balance between water supply and demand was key to reducing environmental impact and operational cost. We looked at both on- and off-site options for the treatment of foul and grey water, and established that the city’s existing water treatment plant has adequate capacity to serve the new development. A new connection will return grey water to the site in sufficient quantities to fulfil all irrigation requirements for the green public spaces. We also presented options for reducing demand.

In the second stage of development, Ramboll UK will provide structural and building services engineering in addition to infrastructure design.


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