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The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) manages waste for seven London boroughs and has implemented the North London Heat & Power Project (NLHPP) to provide a new state of the art Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at Edmonton EcoPark.

The project aims to use a high percentage of the non-recyclable residual waste to generate heat and power for up to 127,000 homes. It will prevent a significant amount of waste entering landfill and meet strict air quality standards.

Ramboll has supported the NLWA in the preparation work for the ERF. We reviewed technology options, set out performance criteria for the ERF and provided supporting engineering information.
NLWA determined that the new ERF will need to process up to 700,000 tonnes of residual municipal solid waste per year. It is intended that this facility will be comprised of moving grate combustion, a high-performance heat recovery boiler and low emission flue gas treatment. The plant will generate up to 78MW of electrical power and supply heat to a future district heating network, saving up to the equivalent of 215,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, while reducing the need for fossil-fuel derived energy generation. 

Improving the air quality in North London was another key requirement for the technical specifications that Ramboll provided. These aim to bring nitrogen oxide emissions well below permitted levels. This is an area that will see a significant improvement compared to the existing plant.  

Ramboll will perform technical assurance in areas including: analysis of process equipment designs and 3D models, manufacturing and construction monitoring, witnessing and assessment of commissioning, testing, training, and the handover of a highly automated plant to the operation team. We will also provide ongoing operation and maintenance support; helping the NLWA deliver, service and maintain a world class asset.



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