We have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Here you can read more about some of the projects we are currently involved in worldwide or look trough our project database.

Sniffing out the source of corrosion in new homes

Residential builders and property management teams in Florida and Louisiana faced coincident challenges of odour complaints and unusual corrosion rates for HVAC equipment in some newly constructed homes. Our investigations of the odour complaints led to solving the corrosion problem as well.

Corporate sustainability support for National Geographic’s recycled paper strategy

We provided strategic and technical support for NGS decision making around the use of recycled paper in the iconic National Geographic magazine.

Evaluating PFAS substitutes based on toxicity characteristics

Ramboll helped a client team to identify substitute ingredients and de-select modified short-chain PFAS.   

Developing the first global PFAS fate and transport model

Ramboll evaluated whether our client's work with fluorotelomers could result in PFAS in the environment, being transported long-distances or entering the food chain. 

PFAS found in a consumer product, or was it?

Ramboll designed and oversaw sampling at a manufacturing facility to identify a source of PFAS in a consumer product.  

Addressing concerns about exposures to theatrical fog and haze

When actors in Broadway productions expressed concern about potential health risks of exposure to theatrical fog, haze and other special effects, Ramboll teamed up with the Icahn School of Medicine at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital to evaluate whether reported symptoms could have been caused by these exposures.

Distilled spirits company sustainability planning

Delivering resource efficiency as part of distillery sustainability program: For one of the world’s largest spirits distillers, we identified significant water and energy savings through a series of audits at their North American plants.

Exposure and risk assessment of PFAS in consumer products

Ramboll assessed potential human health risks associated with exposures to residual PFAS. 


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