Fire & safety

Fire engineering is a relatively new science that combines a scientific knowledge of how fires start, spread, are contained and extinguished with a behavioural knowledge of how people react to them. The result is an engineering discipline that exists to protect people, property and the environment from fire.

Fire and safety


Afschin Soleimani

Afschin Soleimani

M.Eng P.Eng, Director, Head of Specialisms, Middle East
T: +971 4 334 3616
Sean Murphy, MEP Director, Middle East

Seán Murphy

Buildings Director, Middle East
T: +971 4 334 3616
Swati A Shah

Swati A Shah

Buildings and Project Excellence Director, India
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Andre Soh

Buildings Director, Singapore
T: +65 6222 3780

Fire engineering can start with either the codes or with the design. With a codes-driven approach one should expect to compromise elements of the architectural vision in making the design code compliant.

Fire engineering based on real life

With a design approach, which is our approach, fire engineers give themselves the far more difficult task of protecting the vision by creating a bespoke strategy through fire engineering. It is a scientific approach that uses the statistics of real fires, calculation tools and studies of human behaviour. This preserves the architectural design and provides value by reducing over-specification caused by conservative codes and allows the fire protection to be deployed where the risk is.

Safer buildings

Taking this approach means we have to shoulder more of the risk. We believe it is a price worth paying. With every project being a prototype, we push the boundaries and, by doing so, are able to recruit from the brightest people in the industry. This not only equips us to handle the extra risk, but has been central to us being able to continually improve what we offer: better value and safer buildings.

In the ten years that our (SAFE) fire team has been in business, we are now acknowledged as one of the foremost fire engineering consultants in the UK and Middle East, and have a fast-growing wider international presence.

Fire engineering services

The following are services that can be provided by our fire engineering team:

  • Strategic Fire Engineering
  • Evacuation
  • Internal and external fire spread
  • Smoke management 
  • Fire detection and fire protection systems 
  • Fire fighting — internally and site wide 
  • Construction requirements
  • Fire Systems Design
  • Concept Design and Specification Development 
  • System Costing and Budget Models 
  • Detailed Design and Integration of Systems 
  • Tendering and Project Management 
  • Commissioning, Functionality Assessments an Technical Support
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Qualitative Risk Screening
  • What-if Analysis and fault and Event Tree Analysis
  • Fire and Explosion Damage calculations and Modeling
  • Structural Fire Engineering
  • Computer Modelling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD Analysis)
  • Evacuation Modeling (i.e., STEPS software)



Hub Zero

Hub Zero Dubai

Appointed as the lead design consultant for this project, Ramboll provided the multi-disciplinary engineering services as well as validated and optimised the initial design and reviewed the constructability that have enabled the client to create a vibrant environment that invites visitors to “live the game”.



Home to the world’s richest horse race, this magnificent venue is also the world’s largest racecourse.  With only three years from its announcement to the first meeting, the $1bn Meydan is a testament to the efficiency of the Middle East’s construction industry.

Comprising a 56-storey commercial tower, a 16-storey residential block and a 7,000sqm retail space, this complex comes together to create an ultramodern gateway to Business Bay.

U-Bora Towers

With its sweeping, curving aspect, this mixed-use project offers prime retail, commercial and residential space on Business Bay.  Comprising a 56-storey commercial tower, a 16-storey residential block and a 7,000sqm retail space, this complex comes together to create an ultra-modern gateway to Business Bay.


Ferrari World, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ferrari World

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the World’s only Ferrari theme park. Sixty of our engineers worked on the four-year project and were involved in every aspect of the park's unique design from concept to completion.

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