The global population keeps on ageing. Since 1950, the proportion of older people has been rising steadily and it is expected to continue to increase at least for the next 10-15 years. In addition, an ongoing rise in lifestyle-related diseases puts further strains on the health sector. As a response, governments around the world have set ambitious targets to improve social infrastructure and healthcare developments are highly prioritised on this agenda.



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Ensuring the quality of life

The health sector is all about creating environments that maximise well-being and enhance the quality of life. In recent years, an increased focus on the influence of the physical environment on nursing and treatment has resulted in increased research within evidence-based design. It has become evident that both for patients and staff it is absolutely critical that healthcare facilities function well, and that the latest examination and treatment methods are supported by the staff and equipment.

Vast progress is being made within medicine, medico technical industry as well as nursing and treatment, meaning an improved ability to diagnose and treat patients. Research is a large part of many healthcare facilities' daily work. The interaction between research and development and the day-to-day operations is important to take into account.

Further, the health sector will always be facing the challenge of having scarce resources. This means that healthcare facilities should be able to use and administrate both their material resources as well as the human resources in the most efficient way. Also, keeping track of patient information and sharing data across health care units will become increasingly important in the future as health care is further optimised.

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Pioneering healthcare facilities

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Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic is the future of healthcare in the Middle East region

This 7 star, state-of-the-art, 22-storey facility promises to set the benchmark in this sector for years to come. In the UAE, such a beacon of progress deserves to be eye catching.


Sharjah Military Hospital

Military Hospital, Sharjah, UAE

This 220 bed hospital, consisting of two residential buildings for medical staff, a mosque, emergency helipad, air conditioned ambulance garage, an armoury, chemical storage facility and security gate house will be offering state of the art facilities in Sharjah.  The hospital will cater for dignitaries by providing VIP medical suites.  As well as providing medical services, the hospital will function as a cutting edge medical education facility, with an entire floor consisting of three lecture theatres, a library and associated offices, offering the very latest research and excellence in medical education.

Ramboll is appointed as the structural consultant for the project and we are working with Archimedes Consultants in designing this facility, which will have 1611-beds across general, speciality and super speciality wards.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

Located in Ahmedabad, this multi-speciality hospital is being constructed to store 1600 beds. It will also house a utility building and helipad and cover an area of 14,50,000 sq.ft.

A multi-disciplinary, international team is working together on this important healthcare project.

King Saud University, Medical City Extension

A multi-disciplinary, international team working together on this important healthcare project. The extension of the King Saud University Medical City comprises of several new buildings for the university with an approximate area of 350.000sqm.  The first stage includes a new National Diabetic Center, a new Dental college and an expansion of the medical college. 

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