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Gas forms a substantial part of the energy mix that keeps modern society running. The gas market is subject to economic, public and political influences. Operators need to account for market fluctuation, price volatility, legislation, and political climate to find profitable and viable energy solutions.

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Nigel Blackbeard

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Four decades of oil and gas experience

Ramboll has serviced the oil and gas industry with multidisciplinary engineering services for several decades. Our advanced technical know-how and extensive consulting experience range from onshore and offshore gas production to infrastructure projects.

We design natural gas storage facilities and onshore gas transmission systems including terminals, pipelines and MR stations.

Our consultancy services within gas and LNG include:

  • Project management, supervision & commissioning, engineering & construction management
  • Financial studies, conceptual studies and FEED
  • Detailed engineering and EPC projects
  • Modifications & maintenance, compression & process expansion, lifetime extension
  • Impact assessment (EIA/ESIA) and regulatory compliance
  • Civil engineering services within Buildings and Transport

Enabling informed decision-making

In addition to our engineering services, Ramboll performs comprehensive market analyses and feasibility studies for the gas sector that form the basis for our client’s decision-making on long-term strategic gas projects.

We closely follow developments in the gas market and actively embrace new trends as demonstrated by our specialisation in early-phase studies for LNG projects and our focus on unconventionals.

Servicing the entire LNG value chain

Ramboll offers comprehensive experience with LNG projects covering:

  • Site selection studies 
  • Separation and gas pre-treatment facilities 
  • LNG liquefaction, transport, storage and regasification facilities  
  • LNG port and marine facilities
  • Construction and commissioning management

Unconventionals - shale gas

Ramboll has worked on shale oil and gas engineering projects in the US. Our expertise covers early and central production facilities, central gathering facilities and upstream facilities equipment additions.

Based on our civil engineering competencies, we are also able to address demographic and infrastructural challenges associated with shale gas exploration.


Conceptual studies are also part of Ramboll Oil & Gas' services

Natural gas storage in the EU - projects for the European Commission

Securing natural gas supply to EU member states is a matter of significant importance for the EU. The increasing import dependency of natural gas in the EU coupled with increased demand for flexibility in gas markets has made natural gas storage a central issue in the EU’s energy debate regarding market development and security of supply.

Norsea Gas Terminal in Emden, Germany

The Gassco Emden Project - Extensive revamp of vital onshore gas receiving terminal

After more than 30 years of operation, the Norsea Gas Terminal in Emden, Germany, needed to be refurbished to maintain safe and reliable gas transportation. The major scope of work included new receiving-, gas heating-, utilities- and process facilities. Ramboll carried out the FEED study proposing the technical solution.

In Yemen Ramboll conducted a study estimating the current and future availability of natural gas until 2025

Gas utilisation study, Yemen

Ramboll Oil & Gas became part of a comprehensive international project to replace oil, the main source of energy in Yemen, with natural gas.

Natural gas storage facility in Etzel, Northern Germany

The national gas markets in Europe are changing rapidly. Continuous liberalisation, dependency on gas imports from outside the EU, and increasing consumer demand have stepped up the need for strategic as well as commercial storage facilities. Ramboll has been deeply involved in these developments since the 1990s and in 2008 we assisted Etzel-Kavernenbetriebsgesellschaft mbH & CO. KG with the development of the Etzel salt cavern storage facility near Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

Liquefied natural gas takes up about 1/600th the volume of natural gas in its gaseous state which makes it possible to transport it from remote locations to markets worldwide

LNG import and regasification facility in Finland

Ramboll Oil & Gas has performed a feasibility study investigating the possibilities to construct an LNG import and regasification plant in Finland.

The study involves investigation into novel onshore and offshore techniques for offloading and regasification of LNG with special consideration to navigating in the narrow Finnish archipelago and to the often cold climate.


Ramboll’s LNG expertise also includes economic market studies, technical concepts for import of LNG and layout studies

LNG terminal in Estonia

Port of Tallinn Ltd (AS Tallinna Sadam), the port authority in Estonia, is considering the possibility of placing a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) receiving terminal at a location in either Muuga Harbour or Paldiski South Harbour. The purpose of the LNG terminal is to receive liquefied natural gas from ships, store the liquid in storage tanks, vaporise the LNG, and then deliver the natural gas into a high pressure distribution pipeline or to a local major gas consumer.

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