Onshore production & refining

Onshore oil and gas production prevails in the Middle East, the United States, South-America, Africa and Russia. With the advent of unconventional resources in the form of shale oil and gas, onshore production has witnessed a surge in activity.

Onshore production and refining


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Full-service provider to the onshore production sector

Ramboll’s service portfolio within onshore production and refining covers the entire project cycle and ranges from conceptual and detailed engineering to environmental studies, stakeholder management and civil engineering services. We have considerable experience designing onshore production facilities, from single well early production facilities to central production facilities producing from multiple wells.

Our services within onshore production & refining cover:

Improving onshore production and safeguarding the environment

We have carried out numerous modification projects that have considerably increased efficiency and output while maintaining regulatory compliance for plants installed years ago. We have worked on process and utilities plants, well stream separation facilities, compression facilities and well site facilities including well conversion and lifetime extension. Ramboll designs smokeless flare systems, and can advise on reducing the levels of harmful substances at refineries.

Risk & safety, stakeholder management and civil engineering services

To ensure that all safety regulations are met, Ramboll performs risk analyses and safety screenings on new and existing facilities with the aim of having safety measures in place from project inception Moreover, we are adept at facilitating stakeholder engagement in seeking relevant permissions and informing decision makers and the public about oil and gas projects.

In addition, Ramboll has proven civil engineering expertise within ports & marine and traditional infrastructure enabling us to cover all aspects of onshore oil and gas projects.

Unconventionals – shale oil and gas

Ramboll has comprehensive shale oil and gas experience. At Eagle Ford Shale, which is one of the world’s largest oil and gas developments, we have provided conceptual and detailed engineering for early and central production facilities and central gathering facilities.

Based on our civil engineering competencies, we are also able to create holistic masterplans to address demographic and infrastructural challenges associated with shale gas exploration.

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Solutions for onshore facilities

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Cathodic protection of more than 600 wells

In 2010 Qatar Petroleum initiated a major life time extension programme in the Dukhan field 95 km west of the capital Doha in Qatar. Ramboll was awarded the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study for the cathodic protection and off plot power supply for more than 600 oil, gas, and water wells.

Banyu Urip production facility

Detailed design of early, onshore production facility at Banyu Urip

The Banyu Urip project involves the development of the major, Indonesian onshore oil field, Banyu Urip, operated by ExxonMobil's Mobil Cepu Ltd. The field is estimated to contain approximately 450 million barrels of oil.

FPSO in the sunset

Sustainable development at Statoil Refinery

Since 1995 Statoil has executed large scale extension and modification environmental-friendly projects on their refinery in Kalundborg, Denmark.

Flare with smoke

Smokeless flare, Fahahil Stripping Plant

Ramboll was given the task of remodelling and enlarging an existing old flare system at the Dukhan oil field on the west coast of Qatar.  In addition, we were to find a method for reclaiming some of the gas that would otherwise be burnt in the tower. At last, we were to implement improved combustion technology to obtain what is known as a “smokeless flare”- which means a flame without smoke.

Khor Mor facility

Khor Mor LPG Recovery Plant - Kurdistan’s first power plant

Dana Gas - a private sector, natural gas company - was appointed to develop, process and transport natural gas from the Khor Mor Gas Field in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, in order to provide natural gas to fuel domestic electric power generation plants near Erbil and Suleymania which provide electricity supplies to over four million Iraqis. This project has saved the Kurdistan Regional Government the need to use diesel for power generation with significant cost savings.

Onshore production facility at Quiriquire

Engineering for onshore oil and gas facility at Quiriquire

The Quiriquire field, located in Monagas State, Venezuela, is the largest oil field in eastern Venezuela and also by worldwide standards it is a giant field. Maxus/YPF awarded Ramboll the detailed engineering for an onshore oil and gas production facility at Quiriquire.

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