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The transition towards an energy sector based on renewable energy sources requires intelligent solutions to ensure efficient and reliable transport of energy from the point of production to the consumer. A multi-disciplinary approach is called for.

Kassø-Tjele masts, Denmark


John Ammentorp

John Ammentorp

Vice Director Power Systems
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The fundamental transformation of our energy system from energy production based on fossil fuels to renewable energy is still in its early years. However, an increasing number of large-scale renewable energy projects are now under construction with the aim to provide clean energy for millions of households.

This change in the composition of producing units towards a more decentralized and fluctuating power production demands a new perspective on the complete power transmission infrastructure by increasing capacity between regions. This development will be based on both high voltage AC and DC technology with an increase in offshore grid connections.

Ramboll’s approach

At Ramboll we acknowledge that the development of the energy sector requires a holistic approach in order to provide long-term solutions for the coming generations. We focus on providing solutions that can uphold the quality of supply throughout their entire lifetime.

For Ramboll, the technical solutions are only part of the delivery. It is clear that any project on the global market is characterised by increasing project complexity, demand for flexible solutions, greater focus on stakeholder involvement and decreasing cost (CAPEX & OPEX).

Ramboll’s consulting expertise

Ramboll can offer engineering consultancy services ranging from design of HV equipment and substation automation all the way to offshore platform design and onshore constructions including civil works.

Furthermore, Ramboll offers consultancy services for engineering and design of HV overhead lines. We provide solutions for mast design and predesign covering geotechnical and topographical investigations and cables.

Our HV cable competencies range from route planning, surveying and engineering to interface handling. We have experience working both offshore and onshore. We work in urban areas, remote areas as well as with offshore transmission cables or wind park array cables.

Consultancy services

Ramboll’s power transmission services focus on five disciplines, which all supplement each other:

  • Offshore substations
  • Onshore substations
  • Overhead lines
  • HV cables
  • System analysis

For every one of these segments, Ramboll has the competencies to provide consultancy services covering all engineering aspects.

As a preferred solution provider, Ramboll is accustomed to working as the Owner’s Engineer at EPC level. In general, our services include:

  • Technical, environmental and financial analysis and recommendations needed to support the investment decision
  • Project management
  • Conceptual design and layout
  • Life time extension evaluation
  • Management of the tendering and procurement process
  • Contract management
  • Supervision during construction and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance advisory services
  • Project follow-up after delivery of the facility

Our competent power transmission team provide consulting services covering the entire project cycle from outline design to post construction in relation to both refurbishments and green-field power transmission projects.


Further information

Capability statement

(PDF, 2.24 MB)

Power transmission Capability statement

Product sheet HV cables

Product sheet HV cables (PDF, 641 KB)

Product sheet offshore substations

Product sheet Offshore substation (PDF, 559 KB)

Product sheet onshore substations

Product sheet Onshore substation (PDF, 460 KB)

Product sheet overhead lines

Overhead lines (PDF, 471 KB)

Related projects

Studstrup Power Plant

Refurbishment of 150 kV lines at Studstrup Power Station

Studstrup Power Station in Aarhus is about to reach the end of its service life and will now undergo extensive refurbishment. Ramboll is advising the owner of the plant, DONG Energy, in all project phases for this work from analysis through to commissioning.

Structural design of towers for overhead transmission line Kassø-Tjele

A new overhead transmission line is needed in order to secure the quality of supply in Denmark. Denmark puts a great effort into reducing CO2 emissions by expanding the production capacity based on renewable energy. Consequently, a more flexible electricity grid is needed to be able to transport the power from the offshore wind parks to the consumers as well as increasing the transmission capacity between international markets.

Antenna installations on a 400 kV overhead transmission line tower on Fyn, Denmark

Installing antennas in existing overhead transmission line towers

When antennas from different telecommunication operators were installed in the overhead transmission line towers of Energinet.dk, a static analysis of the towers and the foundation was needed. Ramboll assisted Energinet.dk with all antennas installed in the their towers.

Relocation of a 400 kV overhead transmission line tower to a new foundation. A big mobile crane relocates the whole tower while the conductors and the ground wires are installed

Rebuilding of existing overhead transmission lines

When existing overhead transmission lines are rebuilt, it is often necessary to increase the height of towers or move towers and install new foundations. Ramboll has often assisted Energinet.dk in these situations.

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