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Effective offshore wind energy consulting ensures that wind is increasingly included in renewable energy strategies. The wind energy sector has an annual growth rate of 20-30 percent, and can help maintain the security of the global energy supply.

Offshore Wind


Klaus Jacob Jensen

Klaus Jacob Jensen

Global Spearhead Director, Wind Energy, Towers and Telecom
T: +45 5161 8617
Dr.-Ing. Tim Fischer

Dr.-Ing. Tim Fischer

Vice Director, Wind Energy
T: +49 40 302020-132

Developing a large offshore wind project is a complex undertaking. A large number of interfacing issues need to be resolved at all stages of the development process; from the initial idea to the time when the turbines are installed and in operation. Ramboll has the knowledge and the experience required to identify and to manage the risks and the uncertainties in a systematic manner, based on constantly updated evaluations of the costs and the benefits. We offer a full range of services from planning and project development to design, implementation and follow up on operation, maintenance, and finally to decommissioning.

Innovation - reduction of LCoE

Ramboll has the knowledge and experience to be a key contributor to advanced research and development activities within energy, structural and offshore engineering. Read more about innovation and reduction of LCoE.

Wind energy planning

Large-scale and cost-effective use of wind energy requires integration of wind energy into the mix of energy sources and into the power grid. Ramboll establishes and reviews local, national and regional energy resource planning and incorporates wind energy into the planning schemes. We investigate the possibilities of combining wind energy with other energy sources with regard to carbon emissions, economy, security of supply and the electrical infrastructure.

Offshore project development

Once an offshore wind farm is considered or has been decided upon, we provide support and advice as the owner's engineer throughout the development process on relevant technical, environmental, timing and financial matters. Read more about project development. 

Offshore site investigations

Based on factors such as the choice of turbine and site conditions, Ramboll carries out all the necessary analyses to select the foundation type best suited for your offshore wind farm project. Read more about site investigations.

Offshore structural design

Ramboll is the world leader within design of offshore foundations for wind turbines, having performed designs for more than 40 offshore wind farms. More than 65% of the world’s offshore wind turbines rise from foundations designed by Ramboll. Read more about structural design of foundations for offshore wind turbines. 

Offshore substation design

Ramboll has vast experience within design of complete substations including structures, topsides, facilities, helipads, electrical and mechanical equipment and safety issues. Read more about our offshore substation design services.

Asset management

After the design and installation phases, Ramboll provides asset management assistance based on our in-depth knowledge of the design of the structures. Read more about out asset management services.  

Free downloads

In order to register and document all identified hazards, risk mitigation measures and recommendations for further control methods in an effective and sufficient way, Ramboll has developed the DRA tool “Soter” for the execution of Design Risk Assessments. Read more and download the Soter application.

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Capability statement (extended version)

Get a full overview of our offshore wind capabilities.

Download Extended Capability Statement (pdf, 700 Kb)

Capability statement (brief version)

Get a quick overview of our offshore wind capabilities.

Download Brief Capability Statement (pdf, 900 Kb)

Selected references

View a selection of our offshore wind energy references (pdf, 70 Kb)

Ramboll Offshore Structure Analysis Programs

ROSAP is developed to meet the ever increasing demands for structural design, optimisation and lifetime extension of offshore structures.
Read more in the ROSAP- brochure


Metocean design data

Metocean design data for offshore wind farm foundations

Mitigating the risk in wind power

Mitigating the risk in wind power

How we harness wind

How we combine experience and innovative thinking to harness the wind

Environmental assessment

Read about our solutions within environmental assessment

Geotechnology in wind energy

Solutions using our knowledge of geotechnology in wind energy

Foundation design

Foundation design to suit your site and your turbine

Offshore substation design

Solutions in offshore substation design

Jacket substructures for offshore wind farms

Jacket substructures for offshore wind farms - designed for your site and your turbine.

Member associations and industry links


Ramboll is a member of EWEA - the European Wind Energy Association


Ramboll is a member of AWEA - American Wind Energy Association.

Danish Wind Energy Association

Ramboll is a member of the Danish Wind Energy Association

Global Offshore Wind Farms Database

Global Offshore Wind Farms Database


Burbo Offshore Windfarm

Burbo Bank offshore wind farm

Ramboll has designed more offshore wind turbine foundations than any other company in the world due to our 30 years' experience with anchoring oil and gas rigs at sea. We have also been involved in the Burbo Bank wind farm project offshore the UK.

Ramboll provides foundation and pile design for the Greater Gabbard wind farm, the first offshore wind farm to be located on more than 30 metres of water. Image from Burbo Bank courtesy of DONG Energy.

Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm

British Greater Gabbard will be the first offshore wind farm to be located on more than 30 metres of water. Ramboll will perform individualised foundation design for the 500 MW, 140 turbines project.

Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm

Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm

Detailed foundation design of monopiles and substations for offshore wind farm.

Thanet Offshore Wind Farm

Thanet offshore wind farm

Detailed foundation design of 100 offshore wind turbine foundations to be erected on water depths of 18 to 30 m LAT

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