Onshore wind

Wind energy is becoming more and more widespread. Till now, more than 100 GW have been installed globally, of which 99 GW are onshore. Installed capacity is expected to reach 1000 GW by 2020, of which 95 will be onshore installations. Ramboll has more than 25 years of experience with wind energy.

Onshore Wind


Dr.-Ing. Tim Fischer

Dr.-Ing. Tim Fischer

Vice Director, Wind Energy
T: +49 40 302020-132
Joachim Binotsch

Joachim Binotsch

Business Development Manager Onshore Wind
T: +49 209 167255-0
Stefan Chun

Stefan Chun

Market Director Power Generation – PV
T: +49 5612 8857-30

25 years of experience

Since Ramboll developed the first wind turbines in 1986 we have rapidly expanded our involvement in wind power projects all over the world. Today, our services encompass the entire project cycle from concept to commissioning and the subsequent operation & maintenance period.

Full-range services

With our international, multidisciplinary and wind power specific competencies, we are a full-range service provider in wind power projects.


Our services includes:

  • Project and contract management
  • Concept development and layout
  • Infrastructure – electrical installations, roads, buildings
  • Environmental impact assessments and authority liaison
  • Visualisations
  • Geophysical and geotechnical investigations
  • WTG load calculations and certification
  • Controls
  • Structural design turbine tower incl. foundations
  • Grid connection according to national grid requirements
  • Turbine technology review
  • Performance tests
  • Condition monitoring systems
  • Commissioning and contract follow-up
  • Guidance throughout operation & maintenance

Global knowledge, local partner

In our onshore wind power projects we can draw on our local presence, delivering global knowledge locally.


Onshore wind turbines

Bessakerfjellet wind farm

Establishment of Bessakerfjellet Onshore Wind Farm, Norway, with 57.5 MW installed effect


Fakken Wind Farm

Troms Kraft Produksjon AS has for decades been a major player within hydroelectric power production in Northern Norway. Their experience and focus on renewable energy has made it obvious for them to look into a role also within wind power production.

Windmills at Hundhammarfjellet in Nærøy, Norway

Hundhammerfjellet wind farm

Hundhammerfjellet Wind Farm is established as a wind farm for developing wind turbine technology relevant in very rough climate conditions, especially high wind speeds and turbulence. The developer is a Norwegian power company, NTE AS, and the turbine manufacturer is ScanWind Group AS, now part of General Electric (GE).

Onshore wind turbines

Høg-Jæren Energy Park

Ramboll has been working on the establishment of Høg-Jæren Energy Park, the first wind power project of many to come in this part of Norway.

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