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The Authorisation Toolbox contains the following guidance and tools:

ECHA Notification Guidance

Per Article 66 of the REACH Regulation, downstream user notifications are to be submitted to ECHA within 3 months of first delivery of substances or formulations following authorisation. If you have received product after the authorisation date and are unsure if it falls under a granted authorisation, please contact your supplier.


As a specific condition of the GCCA Authorisations, you must include in your notification the key functionalities that apply to your use. The following substance-specific key functionality worksheets provide a mechanism to address this requirement:

Table of Key Functionalities

GCCA Guidance on Worker and Environmental Monitoring

Includes Guidance on how to select OC and RMM in Appendix 2

GCCA Template to Report Occupational Exposure Measurements

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GCCA Template to Report Environmental Emission Measurements

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(under development)

Frequently Asked Questions

How-to Webinar Modules

Exposure Scenarios (English version)


Chromate Consortia Authorisation Status

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