Mikal Storhaug

Department manager / Land consolidation candidate
T: +47 90590560

Our areas of expertise are real estate law and land use changes. We can offer assistance within real estate design and development, profitability analysis, valuation, purchase and sale of real estate, land acquisition and negotiations, expropriation, land registration, land consolidation and urban land consolidation.

We are specialists in the real estate field. Our consultants have educational background such as:
• land consolidation candidates / master in real estate disciplines,
• real estate broker with master in real estate development, and
• lawyers / legal professionals
We have a wide range of projects within infrastructure, real estate design and development.

Our key competencies are real estate law and land consolidation.  

We offer our services to public and private clients

For example:
• Clients who request assistance with real estate design and development, land consolidation, investment in real estate. 
• Private real estate owners, developers, investors, real estate brokers, real estate managers.
• The public sector – government and municipalities and public concerns. 

We can offer a wide range of services within the real estate field, for example:

• real estate law
• analysis of real estate matters / land issues / property relations.
• property measurement, dividing, assembling, transmissions, sectioning  
• valuation of real estate
• real estate design and development
• profitability and risk analysis
• purchase and sale of real estate
• land acquisition and negotiations
• expropriation
• assessment procedures
• land registration
• land consolidation
• urban land consolidation
• planning processes
• real estate management
• project management

Rambøll has highly qualified personell with a wide specter of competencies

For example: land use planners, architects, landscape architects, community planners, engineers, geologists, economists, land consolidation candidates, real estate developers, lawyers.

Rambøll has approximately 1300 employees in Norway and is located 28 places all over the country.

Rambøll has unique opportunities to offer services in various fields of profession, as well as local knowledge.

Our department work closely with other departments in Rambøll with different fields of profession, which means added value for the client.


First Floor, Emerald Building
Oud Metha Road
PO Box 116921, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 334 3616
Fax +971 4 334 3617


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