Delivery of masts, towers & poles

Masts, towers and poles are essential elements in telecommunication networks, and constitute a major part of the total investments in them as well. Our customers, by selecting their preferred structure solution from Rambolls design, are able to save significantly on total site costs. In other words, more than 65 years of engagement and expertise is at your disposal.

Telecoms mast


K Suresh Babu

Business Development Director, Towers & Telecom

Masts, towers and poles for several purposes

A mast, a tower or a monopole can for instance be used for several purposes:

  • to support antennas and provide cell phone coverage for telecommunication operators
  • to support TV and radio antennas mounted on tall guyed masts for broadcasters
  • to support conductors in overhead power lines for electricity companies

Over time requirements for mast, tower and monopole design have changed from heavy constructed structures to optimized design as customers now demand cost efficient solutions.

The Ramboll design philosophy

Today Ramboll's design philosophy is well-known internationally to broadcasters, mobile operators and network vendors. With a constant focus on reducing the total site costs for our customers, our masts and towers have been optimised with regard to minimising wind load, foundations, logistics and installation time. All with maintaining a high quality.

Highly engaged in international standardisation

Through our involvement in international codes and standards and chairing the only global expert group on masts and towers we are in the forefront of the development within analysis, design and construction of masts and towers on the global scene. 

How to purchase Ramboll's masts and towers?

Ever since the beginning of mobile telephony in the 1980s we have supplied our customers with cost efficient and maintenance optimized designs of guyed masts, towers and monopoles. In addition, we can help with various camouflaged towers, monopoles, special solutions requested by telecommunication operators. Our customers demand cost efficient design, competitive prices combined with high customer involvement and worldwide delivery capability.

Our designs are being produced by quality manufacturers in several countries and we can guarantee that our customers will have the structures that are optimised especially for their project.

Several of our costumers purchase the specific optimised structures directly from our partners, or obtain the right to have their masts and towers produced at their own selected manufacturers. 

Let us help you

Tell us what you need, and together we can reach the best solution for you. Based on your company’s specifications or needs, we will be able to make you an offer. Call Bobby Naveed Jamal, Head of Department Towers Solutions, or Trond M Bredesen, Head of Ramboll India Towers for more information.

Multidisciplinary engineering consultancy

As a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy Ramboll can undertake the engineering services and special analyses that may be needed within telecom infrastructures. For masts and towers this may involve geotechnical evaluations and designs, electrical and power evaluations and solutions, inspection during manufacturing and installation, etc.

We can also take care of the project management of major network roll-outs.

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