Network studies & economic assessments

Telecommunication networks – mobile/broadcast – are valuable assets. Setting the right value/price may be required if there is a sale or if it’s required by the authorities. Technical optimizations including studies of socioeconomic impact by adjusting frequency use is also requested by the frequency regulators in order for them to take decisions based on actual knowledge.

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K Suresh Babu

Business Development Director, Towers & Telecom
Ramboll has been in the telecom business for many years and can therefore offer the right team for the actual project. We combine our own experts and sub consultants together in an unbeatable team, which can handle all aspects connected to network studies and assessments. 

Network studies

The future development within telecommunications will always bring new possibilities for the general public and it will also push old technologies out of service. This often calls for different forms of network studies. The questions that therefore arise: Is the network prepared for the future, or is the frequency band allocation socio economic suited for either Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) or Mobile Broad Band (MDD)? In this context Ramboll has many possibilities to setup teams in-house, which can perform the different studies needed.

Due to lack of competition for renting space for antennas on high masts, the authorities have given or would like to give very specific instructions on how to deal with the situation. The owner of the infrastructure then needs to elaborate a total transparent price tag on all infrastructure in order to convince the authorities that the level of rent reflects the actual cost based on replacement cost.

Economic assessment

Investors interested in purchasing a network infrastructure need to make a detailed assessment of the infrastructure before an offer can be given. If the price is given on a wrong or inadequate basis, the investment could turn out to be unsuccessful. Ramboll has been involved in these sorts of assessments and due diligence in several countries, and has a substantial knowledge concerning the infrastructure and the needs of the future.

We also have the advantage that we continuously design and deliver new infrastructure, which keeps our knowledge up to date on a daily basis. Ramboll also perform inspections of the infrastructure and plan the actual remedial work keeping the infrastructure up to the task. This gives Ramboll an advantage compared with our competitors, since we have in-house expects who can overlook the total picture and not just a fraction of the issue.   

Let us help you

Please contact us with your needs, so we can put together a team covering several aspects of network studies and economic assessments. In connection to that, we also have some partners, who can help with highly specialised knowledge about broadcast and mobile infrastructure. Together we assure you, we will have illuminated the subject and provided answers with all available knowledge incorporated.

Multidisciplinary consultancy

Being a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy Ramboll can undertake all engineering services and special analyses that may be needed within telecom infrastructures.

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Study and cost-benefit analysis of future mobile broadband connections

Due to increasing mobile use, many countries are considering new ways to regulate the use of the 700MHz band. Today, this is allocated to radio and television broadcast (DTT - Digital Terrestrial Television).

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