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Establishing or extending national mobile networks often involves meeting limited and strict time schedules, as well as observing budgets. Also when it comes to the operation and maintenance phases there is a need to have an effective system to help managing the processes and operations. Ramboll has developed such software systems.

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Ravi Kumar Bobba, Technical Director, Telecom

Ravi Kumar Bobba

Technical Director, Telecom
T: +91 40 4032 2000

Manage your cell site rollout

During the last decades the increased need for mobile coverage has created a demand for more controlled and manageable rollout and management of telecommunications projects.

Ramboll has cooperated closely with mobile operators for many years. We have learned that many factors provide operators with a competitive advantage during the rollout and management of cell site projects:

  • Optimisation of workflow – active, dynamic and efficient use of Ramboll software systems
  • Multiple project setup – flexible options that are able to handle all matters related to the site in different organisational setups
  • Extended reporting facilities – bringing data to life through online processing for management's and technical operatives use
Our systems RamSiteTM 2.0 and RamBase are both strong tools for managing your telecommunication projects. RamSiteTM is a strong system for managing rollout and operation, while RamBase has  focus on assessments and with strong features for on-site data collection and interconnection via mobile devices.

Manage your telecommunication infrastructure

Rollout of major projects is of course critical, but afterward comes operation, managing and maintenance of the network. 

Having effective systems and tools to archive and treat various components and data is perhaps even more necessary for the operation and maintenance phase than for the rollout phase. 

Again Rambolls project management tools are developed to be used in all phases of the life of telecommunications networks.

Solutions to your project challenges

Our tools are suited for use by everyone who works with telecom projects in your organisation, e.g. technical staff, sales and executive managers. The tools also allow you to grant access to external partners – the operator, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, consultants, etc.. In other words this helps you achieve a quick, real-time overview of the project's entire life cycle.

The tools offer a single point of entry by integrating project and document management with financial management. Tailored progress reports lets you monitor, measure and track the project progress at any stage.

RamSiteTM 2.0 – the project management tool for telecom operators

Based on more than 15 years of experience in supporting telecom operators in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Portugal, we have developed the user friendly project management tool RamSiteTM 2.0. 

RamBase – the strong tool for infrastructure management and assessment

For the management and recording of data, and for the validation and technical assessment of an extremely large number of sites for customers in India, Ramboll developed RamBase.  This flexible and user-friendly software system is tailored to managing data and information, as well as for building telecommunication infrastructure networks.

Because the system is flexible it allows for an easy implementation of new features and individual reports according to your specific requirements.

Let us help you

Ramboll has been heavily engaged in analysis, design and construction of telecommunication infrastructure ever since the formation of the company in 1945. 

We have closely worked together with several broadcasters, mobile operators, equipment vendors, and other involved in telecommunication on a global basis, in all these years. This is the experience you will have at your disposal.

Please tell us about your needs, so we can help you with the best solution for your company. In other words, based on your specifications or needs, we are certain that our experience will be valuable to you.

Multidisciplinary consultancy

As a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy Ramboll can undertake the engineering services and special analyses that may be needed within telecom infrastructures. For masts and towers this may involve geotechnical evaluations and designs, electrical and power evaluations and solutions, inspection during manufacturing and installation, etc.

We can also take care of the project management of major network roll-outs.

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